About Us
About Us
Welcome to WinkChows:
WinkChows is a small kennel located near Denver, Colorado.
We, Salome and Richard Winker, fell in love with Chow Chows in 2002, when we had purchased our first puppy boy, Simba, from Penny Spencer (kennel name Kwala-T Chows, see Links). Under her experienced guidance, we've learned about showing Chow Chows in conformation and about breeding, whelping and raising puppies.
In November 2006, we had our first litter without assistance, whelped by Salome and raised mostly by Richard, who is working at home.
Our primary goal is to breed well-socialized Quality Chow Chows, in order to prove WRONG the bad reputation Chow Chows unfortunately have in America.
We are trying to breed and raise our Chow Chows for peaceful temperament and sweet disposition, but they still do have their own mind!
After all, they are one of the smartest dog breeds: very distinctive, with a strong sense of independence, a stubborn approach to things they desire, but complete lack of interest if they think <this is  so not worth it!> (very much like a cat), an amazing memory, and a life-long loyalty to their owner(s).
Is a Chow Chow the right Dog Breed for YOU?

If you want a dog who.....

-Is medium-sized, very stocky and furry, looking somewhat like a small rounded bear and stands firmly on the ground with calm, confident, dignified stature
-Is an intelligent and independent individual
-Is loyal to you and loves your friends (if raised and socialized well)
-Is naturally clean and easy to housebreak
-Is quiet and mannerly in the house
-Needs only moderate excercise

                .....a Chow Chow may be right for you!

BUT, if you do NOT want to deal with a dog that.....

-Requires a confident, strict and strong-willed owner with a leader-personality, who can take charge without being brutal
-Has a mind of its own (head-strong), wants to be independent and is not naturally obedient
-Requires regular brushing and vacuuming
-Could have health problems: very common are entropion (rolling inwards of the eye-lids) requiring eye-surgery, hip and elbow problems or dysplasia
-Legal liabilities (public perception, future breed bans, insurance problems)

                .....a Chow Chow may NOT be right for you.
Top 10 Features of the Chow Chow:

1) Are not high energy dogs: They enjoy a good run in the fenced yard or a walk around the neighborhood. But inside the house, once they have the overview what's going on, they will lay down and sleep until something happens.

2) Are intelligent and learn quickly, have a good memory!

3) Are generally quite and bark only when there is a reason to do so, because they are too dignified for endless barking/yapping!

4) Are the dog breed that is most similar to cats!

5) Do seldom chew on things like most other dogs. Puppies will chew, but as the dog ages, chewing on sticks and toys is not cool. Therefore, they do not do it. However, the Chow Chow is not above eating the occasional pig ear or chewing for a few minutes on a rawhide stick.

6) Are very clean and Chow Chow puppies are easily house-broken and probably the least destructive puppies!

7) Are devoted to their families and usually love children, but new owners should concentrate on socializing their puppies to be sure they do not grow up to be dangerous or aggressive to strangers. Puppy obedience classes are a good way to socialize your puppy and to give it a basic obedience training.

8) Easily dominate people (if they can get away with it) and then they can bully inexperienced dog owners.

9) Require owners that are strong-willed and follow through with firm commands.

10) Require owners that love and pet them, but also grant them their own "space".
Tips for Finding a Good and Responsible Breeder:

- A responsible breeder does not mind if you ask lots and lots of questions, and, in return asks you questions or requires information on your home/living situation before deciding to sell you a puppy.

- A responsible breeder helps you to understand if the Chow Chow is the right breed for you.

- A responsible breeder is honest with you in all aspects of the breed, good or bad, informs you about breed problems and what to expect if you would buy a puppy from their breeding program.

- A responsible breeder welcomes you to visit the kennel and keeps up a good communication with you.

- A responsible breeder will recommend another breeder if they don't have what you are looking for.

Most important PLEASE do never ever buy a dog from puppy-mills!!!